Current inkscrawl acceptances include an ekphrastic poem by Karen Romanko, and poems by Bethany Powell, Adrienne Odasso, Kendall Evans, Larry Hammer and Sofia Samatar.  Follow the links to read some wonderful poems by these writers.

inkscrawl submissions will remain open through the end of May, so there’s some time to send your speculative poetry of ten lines or less (please ten lines or less: not twelve or thirty-four). 

I sort of got caught inside a poem of sorts this early evening, in between slushing sessions.  In the front room – eldest daughter, teaching a friend piano.  In the back patio, youngest daughter singing a sing I wasn’t familiar with, with a lot of minor keys.  I went to the back to lay water on the tomatoes and beans and heard, like an echo, the same song from the back alley.  It was a girl walking past, singing the same sort of song, and while they couldn’t hear each other I could hear them both, in counterpoint and call-and-response, and occasionally a deep blue note from the piano.  With the hose spilling water I felt a little caught between, and if something ancient and odd had crept from beneath the pomegranate or fig I wouldn’t have been surprised.  Then the girl in the alley was gone, and it broke apart gently like a smoke-picture.