Jaime Lee Moyer, whose book, Delia’s Shadow, is coming out in February 2013 from TOR, holds a monthly “first line” contest at her LiveJournal – there is one day left to enter the current contest with the line At midnight on her ninth birthday, Alison Marie was crowned Queen of the Nightlands.

The prize, oh yes, there is a prize! Two prizes, actually for poetry and prose – one of Jaime’s handmade pendants. I am the proud winner of one, which is beautiful and which I especially like to wear when I’m wearing black and pink and feel fancy.

I’d like to point out some interesting posts from Jaime about history – specifically, old photographs that speak to what I’ve come to think of the invisible women of history.  While I think most people of sense acknowledge that it’s not true that history = men and women are just along for the ride (statements like “men invented the internet” notwithstanding), I think there’s an underlying and even unconscious assumption that it’s only comparatively lately that women have broken into male dominated fields, when in fact they have often been there and more, known to be there.

The saids and unsaids of the photographs Jaime has unearthed are fascinating as well.  Here’s a sampling:

Elizabeth Holman, a writer who was institutionalized in 1912 for divorcing her husband and successfully sued.  


Professional Women’s Baseball in the 1910s.

Policewomen in 1913.