Of interest, perhaps?

Scheherezade’s Bequest is open to submission for their first print issue (to November 30), and wants stories exploring the trope of the Loathly Lady. From their submissions page:

Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath“‘s tale is perhaps the most well-​​known version of this story, and it revolves around issues of equality, autonomy, acceptance, respect, and unconditional love. It asks, what do women really want? Do men know? Do women even know? What are the characteristics of true love? As all of these questions are equally relevant in today’s society, it’s no surprise that the Wife of Bath’s tale endures.

Tina Connolly of the AWARD! WINNING! not to mention delightful Toasted Cake podcast is open to submissions during the month of September; she’s looking for ten flash pieces for the rest of the year, and is open to reprints as well as new work.  A few descriptors I like are weird, quirky, dark, twisted, funny, literary, puzzling, bizarre, tongue-twistable, singable, patter-friendly, elocutionary, witty, and wistful.

The Journal of Unlikely Entomology is open to submissions for a single-issue offspring ‘zine, The Journal of Unlikely Architecture.  They’re looking for beautifully-written fiction, characters that grab us by the throats and refuse to let go, worlds that draw us in and demand to be explored…and buildings. Genre isn’t particularly important to us—speculative, mainstream, slipstream, and the unclassifiable tales in between—we’ll read anything; all we ask is that something pertaining to buildings is integral or significant in your story. Submissions open until the issue is filled!