Alex Dally MacFarlane is still reading for a reprint anthology she’s editing for Prime Books: Aliens: Recent Encounters.  From the guidelines:

I am interested in stories that are exciting, thoughtful – and, most of all, imaginative. As a reader, I am often frustrated by how human-like or dull aliens are. Show me something unexpected and wonderful.

Things I am not interested in: stories that use aliens as a shallow analog of racism and race relations here on Earth.

I believe that the narrow focus of some previous science fiction anthologies actively harms the genre and the people within it. I am therefore very interested in hearing about stories by people of every gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and nationality.

The deadline is October 15 – Alex is also interested in suggestions of stories that meet the above criteria, so if you’ve read any stories that do a bang-up job with Aliens, let her know!