My first collection of poetry, The House of Forever, is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Many thanks to Karen Romanko of Raven Electrick Ink, who edited the collection and whose photography is featured on the cover. 

I’ll be participating in a Hallowe’en-themed poetry reading at the Summer Studios in Lomita this Friday, October 26 at 7 pm, along with Denise Dumars, Deborah Kolodji, Scott Virtes, and Nancy Ellis Taylor. I’m told there will be food and booze! And if the UPS gods smile on me, I’ll have copies available of the collection. 

Nice things said about The House of Forever

Here are ruins and rust and wilderness.  Here, too, feral children, naked heroes, women rebels, the heirs of volcanoes, confounded astronomers and cunning snakes. Best of all, here are ghosts.  Ghosts in the glass, ghosts that gather in kitchens to be fed, ghosts clustering in these pages like grapes to be themselves devoured.  Dear readers and poem-eaters, prepare for your hearts to be ‘pierced by roses.’       

-C.S.E. Cooney

Samantha Henderson’s poetry tastes like titanium-edged kisses,  sounds like a bow drawn across the violin of the frontal lobe,  across the bass of the reptile brain.  Her poetry feels like a long-fingered hand in your chest, closed around your heart, squeezing its own rhythm.  Her poetry smells like death, like life; its scent is memory. Read these poems, consume these poems,  then look in the mirror at yourself, at the ghost of yourself. You will see her poetry in your eyes.

-Eric Marin