This Friday, February 1, submissions will open for issue 6 of the short-form speculative poetry magazine, inkscrawl.  I invite any and all to submit speculative (i.e.: having some fantastic, science fictional, or mythic flavor) poetry 10 lines and under.

Please note that is issue has the theme of Journeys. I’m looking for journeys outward and inward, to the stars, to the past, to the dragon-pit, to the false paradise.  I’m looking for epics and tiny little tales. I’m looking for you to take me somewhere

How epic can you get at 10 lines and under? I invite you to read NE Taylor’s 2-line poem “Sarcophagus” (which appears on at least two poetry editors’ recommended lists for 2012) and see.

Guidelines are here, and submissions will be open through April 30.