“Maybe the Stars,” an Innsmouth-influenced story and an original at Drabblecast last year, is now online in the latest issue of the Lovecraft eZine.

There was a strange passenger now, not in the cabins or the tiny cells, but in the hold, in the big reinforced cage deep inside Midnight’s Lady’s iron and steel bowels that was sometimes used when a man got drunk and nasty. Midnight’s Lady met a small vessel with one lone ghostlight burning at its prow. There was much low-voiced, urgent talking and scuffling on deck. She’d crouched beneath the lip of the captain’s cabin and listened, hearing at least three different languages and a muffled sound that might have been a dropped load, or a shot. The next morning when she dumped a night-bucket over the side she saw no other ship, but a thick oilslick on the water that flexed an infinity of rainbows this way and that.

I’m going to be at Condorcon in San Diego this weekend. The theme is There and Back Again: Journeys in Fantasy and Science Fiction (which tailgates nicely with the current inkscrawl theme; see what I did there?)

I will be heading down Friday by train (yay Family Pass!), and back Sunday. All my stuff is on Saturday:

1 PM Poetry Workshopping (Maybe Journey Poems?)

4 PM Getting the Victorian Era Right (Did even the Victorians manage that?)

8 PM Delphic Circle (“Our circle of mystics will answer your questions, building word on word to hilarious results” – this sounds like fun!)

Let me know if you’ll be there!