A few years ago my friend and workshopping-mate, Sheila Finch, mentioned my name to editor and author Deborah Ross, who invited me to submit a story to a follow-up of the Lace and Blade anthologies. People familiar with my work know I tend to get a little, well, weird, and more than a little dark, so I was thrilled to get a chance to try my hand and something a little more cheerful and swashbuckling – and therefore the clever Lilliam, affable-yet-shrewd Lukah, and perpetually clueless Kai were born.

The anthology was published as The Feathered Edge, with stories by Sheila Finch, Sherwood Smith, Kari Sperring, Sean McMullen, Judith Tarr, Madeleine Robins, Shannon Page & Jay Lake, Tanith Lee, Dave Smeds, Rosemary Jarman, KD Wentworth, and Diana Paxson – a stunning line up, and now the Kindle edition is available for $4.99.

Deborah has been profiling the stories and their authors on her blog (mine’s here), and it’s a fascinating account of what goes into an editor’s process when working on an anthology.

(I have to admit I’m tempted to explore how Lilliam gets along with Lukah’s rather fierce sister, and if the penny ever drops for Kai…)