So Heaven’s Bones, the Victorian Ravenloft tie-in I wrote a few years back that’s filled with clockwork angels, insane gynocologists and all manner of weird stuff, is available in audio and e-book – but since it went out of print hard copies are hard to come by and are offered for ridiculous prices from Amazon affiliates. But now you Ravenloft completests can get a hard copy (signed! and I may throw in something else!) with the Allegories of the Tarot STAR package, for $100 – only two left! And you get the anthology and e-books and profound thanks. With two days to go we are over 60% of the way there – help us go over!
Allegories of the Tarot is an Indiegogo-funded anthology consisting of 22 stories based on the Major Arcana of the Rider-Waite Tarot, edited by Annetta Ribken (I am writing the story based on “The Star”). Here’s the cover, just revealed today: