UPDATE: Kickstarter has removed the seduction guide and issued an apology.

In response to calls to remove this Kickstarter, a guide to seducing woman by a person who, on Reddit, advised men to Don’t ask for permission, GRAB HER HAND, and put it right on your dick, Kickstarter responded:

Some of this material is abhorrent and inconsistent with our values as people and as an organization. Based on our current guidelines, however, the material on Reddit did not warrant the irreversible action of canceling the project.

Casey Malone has more details here. As Kickstarter does not consider sexual assault abhorrent enough to remove a guide by a person advocating it, I will not support any more Kickstarter projects until they reverse their position

Here’s what I have supported on Kickstarter.*

Clockwork Phoenix 4

Glitter & Mayhem

Fearful Symmetries

The Lakeside Documentary

The Melonpool Movie

Cobweb Bride

Pick Your Battle

The Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology

Pick Your Battle

The Warlock’s Curse

The Titania Movie

I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook

I would love to support others, such as the Flytrap ‘Zine.And if Kickstarter decides not to make their 5% off a rape advocate’s manual, I will.

*I’m not claiming to be any kind of big-time funder, or to pretend Kickstarter will notice I’m gone. But the point of it is lots of little donations, as well as angel backers.