inkscrawl 6 – the journey, is here! Please pack your bags, put on your magic boots, summon your carriage, buy your train ticket, board the train, unfurl your sails, and come with us.

I’m very happy at how the issue came out. As I began to make my selections, I saw a journey-pattern emerge: a summoning, a pause on the threshold of the unreal; the road before; death behind; and, finally, the arrival at the edge of a fathomless ocean, and a new journey beginning.

Contributors (some inkscrawl veterans, and some new voyagers) are: Michele Bannister, Alexandra Seidel, Francis W. Alexander, N.E. Taylor, Beth Cato, Genevieve MacKay, Peg Duthie, Adrienne Odasso, Romie Stott, Paridhi Agarwal, S. Brackett Robertson, Alicia Cole, Ross Balcom, Sonya Taaffe, Timothy McLafferty, Shannon Conner Winward, Amanda Lynn, Mari Ness, and Albert W. Grohmann.

Many thanks to everyone who sent poems for “the journey,” to Stone Bird Press publisher Rose Lemberg, and to Jennifer Smith for putting the issue together.  The next issue of inkscrawl will open to submissions on September 1, and will be guest-edited by Jennifer Smith.