Today is book release day for Delia’s Shadow, Jaime Lee Moyer’s paranormal historical mystery! Delia has the inconvenient talent of seeing ghosts. In post-earthquake San Francisco this becomes unbearable, and she flees to the East Coast. When the ghost she calls Shadow reappears, Delia knows she has to return to San Francisco, where a serial killer has renewed his hunt, to right the wrongs of the past and stop the slaughter of innocents. This books is a real treat for lovers of mysteries and historicals – set against the backdrop of the World’s Fair, early 1900s San Francisco comes alive. It’s the characters that make this book – a driven police detective, a tormented, convention-defying professional psychic, and most of all Shadow, anything but a passive haunt. Delia’s Shadow is a shivery and entertaining great, perfect for autumn and its ghosts.