Well, hello there.

The liminal – a place between, of stasis and transformation. Of being a little bit of one thing on the way to being a lot of another. The resetting part of the ritual, the quiet in the center of the hurricane.

Shira Lipkin and Matt Joiner are editing Liminality, a new magazine for speculative poetry that “shifts shape, refuses to be to be easily pinned down or categorised.” They are open to submissions through the end of the July.

By sheer coincidence – in-betweens must be in the air — the next issue of inkscrawl, which I am editing, had the liminal as its theme. As in the journey, I am looking forward to how the issue will shape itself. Please send me your speculative poems 10 lines or fewer that — as defined by you — come from or describe that state between.

Jennifer Smith guest-edited the wonderful inkscrawl 7 – the poems by Erik Adumsen, L. Chapman, Vajra Chandrasekera, Kendall Evans,  and Adrienne Odasso especially speak to me but they are all wonderful, small jeweled things, delicious savory bites. Please take a look. And write short poems. And send them to me.